Program Description

An LLM in Water & Environmental Law from McGeorge School of Law provides an opportunity for seasoned attorneys or recent law school graduates to develop depth of knowledge in a specialized area of environmental, water resources, regulatory compliance, and public agency law. Online LLM students may take courses in governmental law and policy as well as in water and environment.

Oil well after repair in mud and puddles. Oil well wellhead equipment. Hand valve with handwheel for opening and closing the flow line

Our LLM in Water & Environmental Law provides students with the opportunity to learn from both our distinguished faculty and program team as well as various panels of experts who are focused on water and environmental law and the changing policies surrounding both. We want to provide our students with the most robust learning program and acclaimed professionals in the field. We do this by providing each and every student with the resources to learn from the best, interact with esteemed classmates and colleagues, and hear from experts across the field of law.

“I chose McGeorge because the classes build up specific knowledge about things that only people working in the field might know. It gets you a step ahead of the competition.”

— Brandon Chaidez ’18

“My decision to come to McGeorge was influenced in large part by the caliber and dedication of the professors here. The professors not only want to teach us the current law, but also encourage us to challenge laws that are antiquated or prejudicial to marginalized community members."

— Vallerye Mosquera ’15, Sacramento Immigration Attorney

"When I work with McGeorge alumni, they seem experienced, polished and able to connect the dots. The experience, attention to detail, and rigor of the program really shows, and for these reasons, we love hiring McGeorge students as law clerks at SMUD."

— Andrew Meditz ’09, Senior Attorney, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

*Subject to WSCUC approval and ABA acquiescence.