2021 Updates to Mastering The Bluebook Interactive Exercises

We are pleased to release the largest updates to Mastering The Bluebook Interactive Exercises (MBIE) since the first edition was published in 2015. When you log in after Wednesday, August 4, you will see an updated user interface and many other enhanced features for students and faculty members.

MBIE will be unavailable on Tuesday, August 3rd, and Wednesday, August 4th, returning on the evening of the 4th. If you have any questions, please email support@masteringthebluebook.com.

We are always seeking to make the MBIE experience as effective and positive as possible, so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Best wishes,

Linda Barris
and Carolina Academic Press

New Features and Updates

Brand New Appearance: We have updated the interface and appearance of MBIE to improve readability and useability on all devices. We have improved access on mobile devices and enhanced accessibility features.

For Students:

New Tutorials: Three new tutorial lessons include citation basics and provide a guide for learning and improving citation skills.

New Exercise Questions: To ensure exercise question security and the effectiveness of questions, the 2021-22 edition of MBIE contains hundreds of all new Exercise questions.

New Rules References: New hints and references to Bluepages and pages in Understanding and Mastering The Bluebook.

For Faculty:

TA Accounts: MBIE now allows you to assign up to two TAs to each class. TA accounts are student accounts that allow for limited access to class reports and the ability to preview all content for the semester.

An Improved Dashboard: Improvements to the Learning Management System (the Dashboard) include enhanced student and class reports and new navigation shortcuts.

Preview Exercise Sets: You can now preview all exercise content for this year's revisions and previous years.

All New Test Questions: Every test question (including variations) is all new for the 2021-22 year.