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Are Lawyer Films Anti-Lawyer? by James R. Elkins

Art and Money in Movies by Larry E. Ribstein

Biological Warfare and Law in Film and TV: Some Thoughts on the Links Between Real Life and Reel Life by Christine A. Corcos (Jan 2003)

Bush's "Savage War" by John Denvir (Jan 2004)

Censoring The Press: The Supreme Court Rules On Media Ride-Alongs by Frank Biafora and Robert Costello

Court On Camera: Electronic Broadcast Coverage Of Legal Proceedings by Paul Mason

Does Pop Culture Libel Law And Lawyers? by Lisa Trach (Dec 2003)

Evil That Lurks Within by John Denvir (Feb 2002)

A Fiction Of Law: 100 Years Of Legal Fiction by Narayan R.

A Free Soul: Drunk Lawyers In The Movies by Michael Asimow (Jun 1998)

Gandhi & The Life of the Law by Professor Shubha Ghosh (Jan 2003)

Invisible Vegetarians by Max Friedman (Nov 1997)

Is Law A Diseased System? by Ziad Sheena (Mar 2005)

Judges in Film by Judge J. Howard Sundermann, Jr. (Mar 2002)

The Law Of Rules by John Denvir

Lawyers We Love to Hate by John Denvir (May 2003)

The Legal Mind And The Lawyer Film by James R. Elkins

Legal Rights For Non-Human Organisms: Science Fact? by Serri Miller (Apr 2002)

Lex, Flies, and Videotape: Thomas Hobbes, William Golding, and Iraq by Bruce Peabody (May 2004)

Lynch Mobs In Trial Movies by Michael Asimow (Dec 1997)

Men, Machines And The Mincer: The Prison Movie by Paul Mason (Aug 1998)

My Favorite Lawyer Joke by John Denvir (Nov 2005)

Patriotism by John Denvir (Dec 2001)

The People Next Door by Christine A. Corcos (May 2004)

Play It Again, Sam: Election Politics Has Nothing On The Movies by Christine Corcos and Paul Joseph

The Portrayal of Women in Film After 1970 by Katherine M. Lasher (May 2002)

The Producers - Corporate Scandals and Creative Accounting by John T. Wendt (Apr 2004)

Real Court Television by Michael Asimow (Sep 1998)

Rogue Cops, Gangsta Rap And The Highwayman by Michael L. Richmond (Jan 1998)

A Roundtable on Minority Lawyers: Introduction by Christine Corcos (Jan 2003)

To Kill a Democracy: If Not Psychologically, At Least Physically by Katie Lula (jan 2006)

Tricksters by John Denvir (Dec 1998)

Ultima Online: Justice In A Virtual World by Paul Joseph (Jan 1998)

What Movies Teach Law Students by John Denvir (Aug 2003)

Will the Real Judge Stand-Up: Virtual Integration on TV Reality Court Shows by Taunya Lovell Banks (Jan 2003)

Women: The Good, Bad or Ugly in Law & Literature Text by Joyce A. McCray Pearson (Dec 2003)

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