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First Monday

Television law has mostly been the law of the trial courts. Whether focused on criminal law, family law, military law or general civil litigation, we are rarely taken to the courts of appeal. Now, the new CBS television show, First Monday, promises to change all that.

First Monday is set in the United States Supreme Court and focuses heavily on the interplay between the Justices and the law clerks. As the show opens, an evenly divided Court welcomes a new Justice who holds the balance of power. Maverick Joseph Novelli (Joe Mantegna) is on a collision course with Chief Justice Thomas Brankin (James Garner), a conservative who has been used to getting his own way.

The CBS publicity material promises that the show will explore "touchstone issues." The show "addresses the personal consequences of diverse cases as well as their overarching political and constitutional impact."

Well, the intrepid reviewers at Picturing Justice will be the "judges" of that claim. We invite reader comment and response both about our reviews and about the show itself.
First Monday airs Fridays from 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT.

Posted January, 2002

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