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Understanding Civil Rights Litigation

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This student-focused treatise provides a concise, accessible, comprehensive overview of the doctrine, policy, and theory of civil rights and constitutional litigation under Section 1983 and its Bivens federal counterpart. The book is written to function as an assigned or recommended supplement to a casebook or case materials, as a statutory supplement to a casebook or case materials, and as an additional study guide for students wanting additional background, context, and synthesis in a course on Civil Rights Litigation and Federal Courts.

The book:

  • Covers all aspects of civil rights and constitutional litigation, including the substantive elements of Section 1983 and Bivens causes of action; individual immunity defenses; governmental liability and immunity; procedural and jurisdictional hurdles; abstention; and remedies.
  • Includes discussion and citation of recent lower court decisions, showing how lower courts have elaborated on and applied major Supreme Court decisions and jurisprudence.
  • Includes appendices containing relevant provisions of the United States Constitution and the substantive, jurisdictional, and procedural federal statutes that regularly are involved in civil rights and constitutional litigation.
  • Includes "Puzzles" for many of the topics—short problems (drawn from lawsuits and lower-court decisions) useful for class discussions or for student study and review.

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