ADA Requests

CAP is happy to supply our books in PDF format for students with documented disabilities (we have no audio books).

There are two options for students who require ADA-compliant materials.

Purchase of a new book: For students who have purchased a new book we ask for a copy of the receipt and a statement on school letterhead, signed by both a representative of the school's disabled student services staff and the student, stating that the student understands that Carolina Academic Press is providing the PDF file for his or her exclusive use, and the student agrees not to distribute the file or its contents in any manner. The request and documents can be faxed to (919) 419-0761 or emailed to ada at cap-press dot com. Be sure to include the book's title, author, and ISBN. Email requests must come from a faculty or staff school email account.

Ebooks: Many of our books are available in electronic format at Redshelf. Redshelf provides ebooks that should be compatible with most screen-reader software. If an additional PDF copy of the book is needed, please contact us at ada at cap-press dot com with the same information as above, including proof of purchase on Redshelf. If the title you are looking for is not currently available on Redshelf, let us know, and we may be able to add the book to our online catalog.

For any other questions, please contact us as ada at cap-press dot com.