A Student's Guide to Accounting for Lawyers

Third Edition

by Daniel Lipsky, David Lipton

Tags: Accounting, Business, The Student's Guide Series

Table of Contents (PDF)

306 pp  $36.00

ISBN 978-0-76984-679-8
eISBN 978-1-57911-813-6

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This book is designed to introduce students to the basics of accounting and may be used as a supplement for Business Associations, Corporations, Securities, Partnership, Taxation, Corporate Finance, Not-for-Profit Corporations, or other business-related courses. A Student's Guide to Accounting for Lawyers provides students with an understanding of basic corporate financial statements, corporate distributions, share issuance, asset valuation, balance sheet interpretation, financial analysis, and financial statements of partnerships and not-for-profit corporations. In addition to textual discussion, the book includes:

  • Examples and diagrams to illustrate basic accounting concepts
  • Real-life problems with full solutions
  • Clear explanations of ratio analysis
  • Discussion of the interrelationship between the accounting process and basic business operations and decisions; and
  • Frequent cross-references and citations to pertinent Financial Accounting Standards and Opinions of the AICPA Accounting Principles Board.

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