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Skills & Values: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Skills & Values: Alternative Dispute Resolution book jacket View Table of Contents and Introductory Material

Skills & Values: Alternative Dispute Resolution is designed to give students both theory and practical application for the skills and values which come into play during the various forms of alternative dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and arbitration. It may be successfully used as a as a stand-alone course book or as a practical supplement to a standard text. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of the dispute resolution process. The idea is to read the material and then test and develop knowledge through exercises and simulations.

Skills & Values: Alternative Dispute Resolution actively encourages self-reflecting after each exercise Many attorneys go from case to case without ever reflecting on what they learned from the interactions. By doing this consciously in the beginning, students can train themselves to internalize the process, making them more intentional lawyers.

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