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Skills & Values: Civil Procedure

The Skills & Values Series is an innovative hybrid series of subject-specific, practice-oriented books. The series is designed as a tool for professors to teach practical and analytical skills that can help students serve future clients competently, skillfully, and in an ethical manner.

The chapters include a short introduction of the topic area followed by a series of problems and exercises that address the analytical components of the topics covered:

  • Personal and Subject Matter Jurisdiction;
  • The Notice Requirement;
  • Procedural Due Process;
  • The Erie Doctrine of Choice of Law;
  • Venue;
  • Pleading;
  • Discovery;
  • Adjudication without Trial;
  • Pre-Trial Conference Requirement; and
  • Joinder

Each chapter in Skills & Values: Civil Procedure addresses a specific topic covered in most civil procedure law school classes. The chapters begin with an introduction to bridge the gap between the practice of law and the doctrine studied in class. Students then may engage in active learning by working on an exercise that simulates a real issue encountered in the practice of law. Self-assessment materials are also provided to guide the student in their analysis of each exercise.

The materials found online in the companion Web Course also include:

  • self-assessment materials
  • analytical flow charts,
  • podcasts,
  • video materials,
  • role play exercises; and,
  • links to other relevant materials.

The eBook version of this title features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Complimentary Copy RequestIf you are a professor teaching in this field you may request a complimentary copy.

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