A Student's Guide to the Rule against Perpetuities

by Frederic S. Schwartz

Tags: Property/Community Property, The Student's Guide Series, Trusts and Estates

142 pp

ISBN 978-0-82050-361-5
eISBN 978-1-57911-814-3

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Designed for students in both the first-year Property and upper-level Trusts and Estates courses, this self-instructional coursebook contains an understandable explanation of this difficult and complex concept. It begins with a review of the law of estates and future interests, with emphasis on those aspects of the law that are most important to understand and apply the Rule (e.g., different ways to hold land—fee simple absolute, life estate, future interest, contingent interest). Subsequent chapters discuss the Rule and the individual, the Rule and a class, powers of appointment, and court modifications. Liberal use of examples allows the student to study language actually used in trusts and conveyances and to understand each subtlety and nuance.

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