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Jewish Law (Mishpat Ivri)

Jewish Law (Mishpat Ivri)
Jewish Law (Mishpat Ivri): Cases and Materials

Jewish Law (Mishpat Ivri)

Cases and Materials

$117.00 740 pp casebound

Tags: Religion and Law

The first and only casebook on the subject in English, Jewish Law provides insight into a legal system with a long and rich tradition, addressing issues that are relevant today in American law. Its primary focus is on the legal aspects of Jewish law, with emphasis on its historical development. The quoted materials originate from a wide variety of sources, from the Torah and rabbinic responsa, to modern authorities and court opinions written by Justice Elon while serving as a Justice and Deputy President of the Supreme Court of Israel.

Jewish Law encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects, and in sufficient depth that professors can adapt the materials to their individual teaching methods. By combining jurisprudence, comparative law, and practical law in one clear and concise text, this casebook provides background and perspective for students as well as practitioners. It contrasts the treatment of various topics in Jewish law with the approaches taken by other legal systems, such as American, English, and modern Israeli, thereby offering new insights. The translations from Hebrew to English preserve the original flavor of the Hebrew text.

Justice Elon is a legendary figure in Jewish law. He founded and headed the Institute for Research in Jewish Law at the Hebrew University. He was consulted by the Israeli legislature regarding Jewish law issues during the codification of Israeli Civil Law and served as a member of legislative committees. His three-volume treatise, Jewish Law: Ha-Mishpat Ha-Ivri, has become a classic work on the subject in Israel. As a law professor for over 30 years and an ordained rabbi, Justice Elon brings his teaching expertise to this text. His co-authors are also noted and distinguished legal scholars and practitioners, and were the translators of Justice Elon's treatise, Jewish Law (Ha-Mishpat Ha-Ivri), into English.

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