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Seattle Univ Skills Development Series Tg

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Seattle Univ Skills Development Series Tg

Criminal Proc

1995 Edition

by John B. Mitchell, Rick T. Barron


Tags: Criminal Law

This book brings to life the world of criminal attorneys, both prosecution and defense, as they work within the framework of this significant body of doctrine. This text follows a case from investigation and evidence gathering to arrest and, ultimately, the commencement of a conspiracy trial.

Along this journey, the students must engage in strategic planning and problem-solving, as well as resolve a series of ethical dilemmas as they prepare for a range of hands-on performances. They will conduct an interview with a police officer, argue to trial and appellate courts about the legality of automobile searches and photo identifications, put on direct-examinations and conduct cross-examinations at a hearing to suppress evidence obtained in a Terry stop or in a police interrogation, draft search warrants, etc.

Throughout, they will work with a realistic casefile that includes transcripts of a suppression hearing and a police interrogation, an Information, numerous police reports, evidence, lab reports, a search warrant and supporting affidavit, evidence logs and other relevant materials.

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