Products Liability

Cases, Materials, Problems

Second Edition

by Nicolas P Terry, Frank Vandall, Ellen Wertheimer

Tags: Products Liability, Torts


ISBN 978-0-82055-451-8
eISBN 978-0-32717-910-8

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This new edition reflects the dynamic nature of the law of Products Liability, presenting both legislative attempts to limit plaintiffs' rights and judicial expansion of Products Liability law. This edition includes the full text of the Restatement (Third) Products Liability and examines its controversial aspects.

This casebook highlights conceptual issues in modern products liability such as the relationship between strict liability and negligence theories. State and federal statutory reform materials are integrated throughout the book, and process considerations and problems of proof and damages are examined in great detail. Products Liability: Cases, Materials, Problems also addresses specific problems associated with particular products such as drugs, automobiles and handguns in the context of the particular type of defect alleged. Numerous problems are offered that can be used as hypotheticals or assigned for courses using a problem-based approach.

Each of the four authors of this new edition contributes unique approaches throughout the casebook, providing an intriquing and broad perspective on Product Liability law.

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