Conflict of Laws, Second Edition

Conflict of Laws

Federal, State, and International Perspectives, Revised

Second Edition

by Andreas Lowenfeld

Tags: Conflict of Laws, International Law


ISBN 978-0-82055-488-4
eISBN 978-1-57911-682-8

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This Conflicts casebook is unique because it addresses conflict issues arising in the international arena in addition to domestic conflict of laws issues. This coverage reflects the ever-increasing level of transnational trade and travel. To make the subject more engaging, the book reintroduces conflict of laws that have largely disappeared from the wholly domestic scene, such as commercial law. Nevertheless, for professors who do not wish to cover comparative and international aspects of conflicts, these materials are placed at the end of the relevant chapters so that they may be omitted without interrupting the flow of the book. This Second Edition also reflects the latest domestic and international developments in conflicts involving family law issues.