An Environmental Law Anthology

Edited by: Robert Fischman, Maxine Lipeles, Mark Squillace

Tags: Environmental/Energy and Resources Law


ISBN 978-0-87084-009-8
eISBN 978-0-32718-033-3

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This anthology surveys the rich body of scholarship and commentary generated by pollution and natural resources management issues. It is organized along the central and recurring themes that cut across many statutory, regulatory, and judicial debates. This anthology is designed for a number of uses. It can provide supplemental reading for a traditional environmental law class. Another pedagogic use of this anthology is to introduce non-law students to the core questions of environmental policy without having to wade through technical legal material. Students with backgrounds in environmental studies, the natural sciences, engineering, political science, economics, philosophy, policy analysis, and public health will all find some common ground in the excerpts and notes.