Political Risk Management in Sports

by Warren Miller

Tags: Risk Management, Sports

108 pp  $12.95

ISBN 978-0-89089-112-4

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Political Risk Management in Sports is the first book that explores the political implications in sports management and risk management. More than 90% of the athletic directors and head coaches who are fired are forced to do so because of perceived political failure. Often the key to job security is political risk management. Author Warren Miller challenges readers to take a closer look at the political relationships that can make or break sports careers. Miller is the founder and executive director of Sports Counseling Management Consultants and he has spent years researching professional and amateur athletes, athletic directors, officials and their group dynamic. His book is the first important step in learning how to excel positively as an individual in a team environment. Anyone who is in management, administration, or leadership roles in sports will find Political Risk Management in Sports to be an invaluable resource.