Comparative Urban Planning Law

An Introduction to Urban Land Development Law in the United States through the Lens of Comparing the Experience of Other Nations

by James A. Kushner

Tags: Comparative Law, Housing Law, Land Use Planning

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ISBN 978-0-89089-206-0

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This text is divided into a series of discussion topics, offering descriptions of the American response to specific urban problems and contrasting the American experience with approaches from other nations. Kushner offers readers, including those with no experience in the field, a wide range of discussion topics to suit their interests. The selected subjects range from traditional planning techniques such as zoning and "smart growth" management systems, to affordable housing, transportation, economic development, and urban revitalization. Other topics such as land use controls and land development laws in different countries are also included.

This book can be read by those simply interested in the field, or by readers searching for a lively discussion of contemporary problems.