Law and Theology

by Martin H. Belsky, Joseph Bessler-Northcutt

Tags: Religion and Law

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ISBN 978-0-89089-213-8

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A law professor and a theology professor have joined to produce a case and textbook exploring the tensions and intersections between the norms of civil society and the norms of religious traditions.

This book will show how the disciplines of law and theology approach problems. The book looks at both the process of interpretation undertaken by theologians and judges, the ethical and moral choices under differing sets of professional standards, and the conflict between our Constitution and our faith.

Topics include: "When can you lie"; "Thinking like a lawyer" and "Thinking like a Minister"; the role of minorities and women; the issues of abortion, evolution, and capital punishment; and religion's role in politics. The book is designed to interest not just law students, lawyers, theology students and ministers, but also any person who seeks to learn about the interplay of law, religion, and society. Using cases, and easily understandable commentary, it is intended to be accessible to a reading audience beyond the academy.