Poetry, Performance, and Art

Udje Dance Songs of the Urhobo People

by Tanure Ojaide

Tags: African Literature, African Studies, Africana Studies

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ISBN 978-0-89089-230-5

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Poetry, Performance, and Art is the first transcribed and translated collection and study of the udje poetry of Nigeria's Urhobo people. Udje is an integrative performance of song and dance by specially costumed performers at annual festivals. Udje dance songs were used to establish and maintain social norms. In addition to being an important compilation and study of African indigenous poetry, this book profiles three of the greatest udje poets and performers. Ojaide also explores the history of udje, including its development and the modern factors threatening its survival.

Poetry, Performance, and Art will be of great interest not only to students and scholars of African oral traditions, African literature, and African studies, but also to poets in general and scholars of comparative anthropology, cultural studies, folklore, literature, performance arts, and sociology.

"His translations are among the best that have ever been attempted in African oral literature." — Ode S. Ogede, Research in African Literature