Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States cover

Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States

by Joseph Story, John E. Nowak, Ronald D. Rotunda

780 pp  $55.00

ISBN 978-0-89089-314-2

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More than 150 years after their first publication, Story's 1833 commentaries continue to be cited by both courts and commentators. Originally published in two forms β€” a three-volume treatise and a one-volume abridgement β€” the one-volume work reprinted here contains all of Story's mature thoughts on the nature of constitutional adjudication, the role of the courts, and his theories on judicial review and constitutional interpretation.

This book is part of the Legal History Series, edited by H. Jefferson Powell, Duke University School of Law.

"…it would not perhaps be amiss to suggest that the most important publishing event of the [Constitution's] bicentennial year was the reappearance in print of Justice Story's own one-volume abridgement of Commentaries." β€” The American Journal of Legal History