Amicus Humoriae

An Anthology of Legal Humor

Edited by: Robert M. Jarvis, Thomas E. Baker, Andrew J. McClurg

Tags: Culture and Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

272 pp  $25.00

ISBN 978-0-89089-410-1

In this book, editors Jarvis, Baker, and McClurg have selected 25 of the funniest law review articles from the past 50 years and arranged them in five categories: law students, law professors, lawyers, judges, and legal scholarship. Also included is a comprehensive bibliography, which is an invaluable research tool. The book's jacket features an original cartoon by the noted artist Alan Gerson.

"The compilers . . . have put together a book full of witty articles that make good-natured fun of the legal world. . . . At a mere $25, it is an economical choice for a quality addition to any library's humor collection." — The Law Library Journal
"This book would be a nice addition to a law library in order to show a face of legal scholarship not frequently represented in library collections. Moreover, it would make a nice gift for oneself, a colleague, or a friend studying in law school for those moments when a dose of humor might lessen the pressures of attending to more serious legal matters." — New York Law Journal
"[Y]ou will doubtless enjoy taking a break from your labors by perusing this collection of 25 amusing law review articles." — The Law Teacher
"Definitely a good read." — The National Jurist
"A very funny romp through legal life." — The National Law Journal
"[S]plendid examples of the seriously underdeveloped genre of law review humor writing." — Legal Times
"A collect[ion] of rare gems." — The Green Bag
"This book will make a good addition to law school collections, and a very nice gift for the lawyers in our lives who need a good laugh or humor lessons." — Bimonthly Review of Law Books