Ancient Greek: Intensive Review and Reference cover

Ancient Greek

Intensive Review and Reference

by Carl A.P. Ruck

Tags: Classics, Greek

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ISBN 978-0-89089-426-2

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The purpose of Ancient Greek: Intensive Review and Reference is to bridge the gap between the first year of Greek and further studies in the language. Ruck designed the book to accompany any choice of advanced readings or authors. The basics of grammar are reviewed in eight lessons. Each grammatical example is presented as it functions in Greek rather than English to avoid reader confusion. The structure of the declensional and conjugational systems is presented in terms of their linguistic evolution, against the backdrop of ancient dialectical variations and the continuing development of the language into the modern speech.

Ancient Greek is useful for students of Homeric Greek, all dialects of Classical Greek, Hellenistic and New Testament Greek, and Byzantine Greek. The book also serves as an introduction to the study of Modern Greek in its historical context.

"Any student who has grasped the materials contained in this volume will be well on the way to becoming a master of the language." — Catherine Freis, The Classical Bulletin: A Journal of International Scholarship and Special Topics Since 1925 (2003)

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