Fire From the Soul

A History of the African-American Struggle

by Donald Spivey

Tags: African-American Studies, History

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ISBN 978-0-89089-432-3

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Fire From the Soul: A History of the African-American Struggle is more than a summary of the important issues and events in African-American history and a listing of who did what, where, and when. It is a powerful and provocative reinterpretation of the African-American experience from its African roots to the present and conveys important new historical information and ideas based upon extensive original research and the most important published scholarship in the field.

Hard-hitting and compelling, the overriding theme of Fire From the Soul is the struggle against what Spivey argues is, and has been, America's most pernicious ailment and indestructible obstacle to black progress: racism. Historiography is also addressed to give readers a flavor of the real world of academics and black history writing with its ongoing debates, dramas, conflicts, and politics. The prose is lively and opinionated, forceful yet accessible. Going far beyond the traditional textbook treatment of black history, it is a fascinating book for those interested in African-American history, the African Diaspora, race relations, ethnic and cultural studies, or for those wanting to explore this chapter of United States history.

"Spivey (Univ. of Miami) has provided an engrossing, vivid account of the African American struggle for freedom. Much more than a chronicle of events, this is an intepretive analysis of central themes in the black experience in the US.… Spivey takes up a wide range of issues, and his views are often controversial but interesting.… this volume ably connects the history of racism to the contemporary US. Summing Up: Highly recommended." — CHOICE Magazine, October 2003

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