Writing the Business Research Paper: A Complete Guide cover

Writing the Business Research Paper

A Complete Guide

by Thomas J. Farrell, Charlotte Donabedian

Tags: Education

240 pp  $24.95

ISBN 978-0-89089-446-0

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Designed as a reference book, this text teaches business students how to conduct research and present their findings coherently. Illustrations and examples pertinent to business enhance the discussion. Chapters begin with a list of objectives and end with application activites which can be used in class or for homework.

In the first part of the book, Farrell details how vital research is to the business major. A chapter is devoted to helping the students identify a research topic. Included are many suggested topics listed under various business disciplines. Discussion of traditional library research is followed by information on the latest computerized and on-line techniques.

The second part of the book covers planning, drafting and revising the paper. A separate chapter on documentation explains MLA and APA styles and uses business references exclusively as examples. The appendix contains two student papers—one following the MLA style, one the APA style. A must for all libraries.