Sex and Gender Differences in Health and Disease

by Ricky L. Langley

Tags: Health/Health Law, Medical Anthropology, Medical Anthropology

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ISBN 978-0-89089-471-2

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Author Ricky L. Langley provides a comprehensive guide to anatomical, phsyiological, and pathological differences between males and females in an easy-to-use reference with an index format. Chapters deal with organ systems, behavioral differences, and pharmacological/toxicological differences. The book is unique, as it is the most comprehensive compilation available of differences in disease frequency between the sexes.

The main objective of the book is to inform the reader of the important differences in disease between the sexes, and the need to consider the patient's sex in medical diagnosis and treatment.

Physicians, geneticists, anatomists, physiologists, pharmacologists, epidemiologists, toxologists, and gender studies researchers will find extensive information that can be incorporated in their teaching, research, or practice.