School Crisis Prevention and Intervention cover

School Crisis Prevention and Intervention

by Lawrence A. Jordan

Tags: Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Education, Law Enforcement

96 pp  $30.00

ISBN 978-0-89089-614-3

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How safe are our schools? How prepared for emergencies are the schools in which we work and send our children? Larry Jordan, one of the U.S. government's most respected trainers, has provided his knowledge and experience on security matters to many schools, who have found his advice and hands-on training invaluable. Now the author offers his assistance to you and to your school.

This book provides school administrators and principals with a database and systematic survey with which to assess all aspects of physical security in any specific school. A school administrator can use the data gathered from this survey to identify and correct any security deficiencies that might exist. Crisis training programs within the school and with local law enforcement agencies will benefit directly from the survey. It will be essential for planning and executing successful tactical operation on school grounds, and it will provide local law enforcement agencies with information essential to their response to an actual crisis in-progress.

We can make our schools safer, but not without the commitment of will and resources, and a good plan in place to handle any crisis before it happens. This book enables schools to take positive crisis prevention measures that will eliminate or mitigate risks related to and involving security.

The book is accompanied by a CD containing forms for use in assessing school security.