Genetic Technologies and the Law

Cases and Materials

by Patricia C. Kuszler, Kathryn Battuello, Sean O'Connor

Tags: Science and Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-0-89089-621-1

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Genetic Technologies and the Law focuses on the legal implications and issues resulting from advances in genetic science and technology. Among the areas covered in depth are: legal issues arising in research and commercialization of genetic tests and products; the challenges and risks genetic information presents to established tenets of privacy; changing concepts of parenthood resulting from prenatal genetic testing and advanced reproductive technology; the effect of genetic science on agriculture and food supplies; the impact of genetics on clinical medicine and public health; the risk of genetic discrimination and stigmatization; and the role of genetics in civil and criminal litigation.

The book includes edited cases, textual commentary, and excerpts from relative policy documents. Each of the chapters also includes a series of problems and hypothetical scenarios designed to promote critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving skills. Tailored for law students, this text is also suitable for courses aimed at multidisciplinary audiences engaged in the study of law and genetics.