Fear and Violence on the Job: Prevention Solutions for the Dangerous Workplace cover

Fear and Violence on the Job

Prevention Solutions for the Dangerous Workplace

by Steve Albrecht

Tags: Violence and Crime

248 pp  $25.00

ISBN 978-0-89089-658-7

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Fear and Violence on the Job is designed to show readers how to recognize dangerous or violent customers, employees, students, or patients; identify specific warning sign behaviors; change those behaviors legally and safely; and protect the organization and its valuable assets from the real, costly, and even deadly hazards of workplace violence. The author is a nationally known expert on this subject who trains executives, managers, and supervisors on how to recognize problems and intervene before a situation becomes violent.

A complete guide to the subject of violence in the workplace by defining the issue, this book also discusses safe hiring practices, discipline procedures, termination policies, and management intervention steps that will help solve existing problems and prevent potential disasters. Other topics covered include domestic violence in the workplace, obsessive or stalking behavior at work, new personnel and human resources intervention methods, and updated security management solutions. Albrecht's book also examines the growing number of workplace violence incidents from an organizational security perspective. The reader will review the spectrum of workplace violence from covert threats to homicide, and learn to identify solutions to problems using internal and external resources. The objective of Fear Violence on the Job is to educate readers, change their understanding of the problems, and teach them strategies for business protection and survival.