Rooms to Grow

Natural Language Arts in the Middle School

Second Edition

by Deborah Butler, Tom Liner

Tags: Education

448 pp $29.95

ISBN 978-0-89089-697-6

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Now revised, updated, and improved, Rooms to Grow remains based on sound theory about how middle school students grow and learn. Authors Butler and Liner cover all aspects of teaching language arts in an integrative, natural way. In addition to providing generous resources for furthering natural language arts, the book contains profiles of outstanding middle school teachers and highlights the results they have attained in classrooms around the country.

"This book needs to be in all of our middle schools, at the least… Not since Atwell'sIn the Middlehave I been impressed with a resource for middle school students as much as this one."

"In this decidedly non-textbook volume, you'll find hundreds of useable ideas for your classroom… The principles in this text are backed by sound research and experience and presented through snappy writing and engaging narrative examples."
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