Justice and Tort Law cover

Justice and Tort Law

by Alan Calnan

Tags: Torts

412 pp  $45.00

ISBN 978-0-89089-701-0

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Inspired by the contemporary debate over tort reform, Justice and Tort Law examines the moral structure and content of tort law to determine whether this movement is good or bad, and to offer insights into the law's uncertain future. Calnan's book presents a liberal account of tort law that is both positive and normative and provides a comprehensive theory and analysis of the justice of tort law. This approach looks beyond the notion of corrective justice and examines concepts of distributive and retributive justice and reciprocity. In presenting his ideas, Calnan explains the distributive nature of all laws, and tort law in particular.

This book will especially be of interest to scholars and attorneys interested in tort law reform, but also to professors and practitioners interested in liability law, corrective justice, criminal law, and torts.