Sports and the Law: A Modern Anthology cover

Sports and the Law

A Modern Anthology

Edited by: Timothy Davis, Alfred Mathewson, Kenneth L. Shropshire

Tags: Sports, Sports Law

652 pp  $52.00

ISBN 978-0-89089-734-8

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Sports law literature has evolved over the last twenty years as writers have successfully grappled with the myriad legal and quasi-legal issues that arise in the context of sports. Scholars addressing these topics have heightened our understanding of the complex factual, legal, and social issues that sports matters generate. This anthology continues this development and includes excerpts that address the broad dimensions of sports and the law.

Rather than simply explain the law, the excerpts contained in Sports and the Law seek also to examine the multiple variables that have influenced the development of the law of sports. After presenting contrasting views of whether "sports law" represents a discrete substantive area of law, the anthology explores several sports settings and the application of legal rules to them. The anthology provides accessible articles that enhance the reader's understanding of topics traditionally covered in sports law classes, as well as topics that typically escape class coverage.