The Europeanization of America: What Every American Should Know about the European Union cover

The Europeanization of America

What Every American Should Know about the European Union

by Thomas C. Fischer

Tags: International Law

358 pp  $49.95

ISBN 978-0-89089-751-5

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This book provides a comprehensive examination of events in Europe and the European Community's progress toward "union" from legal, economic, and public policy perspectives. It is intended for the general reader, but contains details of particular interest to lawyers, law students, business persons, and students of public policy and economics.

This book is unlike other treatments of the subject in that it presumes a distinctly American audience. Fischer takes great pains to explain events in Europe, the EU's long-term aims, and its potential to achieve them in terms that Americans can relate to and understand. His work largely focuses on the EU's impact on America's economic well-being until the turn of the century. The book is comprehensive and readable, using references to laws, case decisions, programs and policies of the European Union to illustrate its operations, aims, and prospects for the future.

"This book, well written and clear…, will largely interest students and faculty specializing in the EU." — CHOICE Magazine, June 1996