A Way of Thinking: A Primer on the Art of Being a Doctor cover

A Way of Thinking

A Primer on the Art of Being a Doctor

by Barton F. Haynes, Eugene A. Stead, Jr.

Tags: Health/Health Law, Medicine, Regional Interest

200 pp  $28.00

ISBN 978-0-89089-753-9

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This is a book about what it means to be a doctor, how doctors should be educated, and how doctors should strive to continue to educate themselves day by day throughout their careers. Much has been written about the technical aspects of the practice of medicine, but in this book Eugene Stead speaks to the more difficult subject of the art of the practice of medicine. A Way of Thinking reflects on how Dr. Stead saw the world of medicine and society in general during his long and productive career. The book provides a source for Stead's "way of thinking" for doctors, health care workers and patients. Most importantly, Haynes tells in clear and simple language what a doctor should be and how the doctor-patient relationship can survive and flourish—no matter what the health care system, no matter what the age.