Police Corruption and Psychological Testing

A Strategy for Pre-employment Screening

by Natalie L. Claussen-Rogers, Bruce A. Arrigo

Tags: Criminal Justice and Psychology Series, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Law Enforcement, Psychology

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ISBN 978-0-89089-754-6

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Police corruption is a growing ethical and occupational problem in many precincts and departments around the country. Despite this, effective pre-employment strategies designed to predict, explain, and prevent it are lacking. Police Corruption and Psychological Testing: A Strategy for Pre-employment Screening aims to fill this troubling gap in the academic and popular literature.

Both original in its approach and integrative in its scope, this text is a useful, practical guide to understanding officer misconduct, pre-employment screening, and personality assessment. Relevant to the disciplines of criminal justice and psychology, this book can be used as a supplemental text in several undergraduate and graduate courses. Examples include criminal psychology, policing and society, criminal behavior, law enforcement administration, criminal justice policy, and profiling offenders.

Robert P. Hanssen, subject of the movie Breach, is profiled in one chapter of this book.

This book is part of the Criminal Justice and Psychology Series.