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Prime Time Law

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Prime Time Law: Fictional Television as Legal Narrative

Prime Time Law

Fictional Television as Legal Narrative

$25.00 366 pp paper

Tags: Entertainment/Food and Beverage Law

This book is the first to examine how lawyers are portrayed in television dramas and comedies. Serious enough to be discussed in the classroom, entertaining enough to be read in the living room, and useful enough to be kept in the library, Prime Time Law, edited by Jarvis and Joseph, features contributions by eighteen of the country's leading scholars. Collectively, they mention over 350 shows, including both the famous and the obscure. A Series Index specifies where each show appears.

Besides dramas and comedies, Prime Time Law, also looks at how lawyers are portrayed on soap operas, westerns, and science fiction shows. A special feature of the book is its extended treatment of the roles played by women attorneys and young lawyers.

"[A] gold mine of fascinating information about law on television. [This book's] seventeen essays on television series about lawyers of the past and present make wonderful reading and are the definitive treatment of the subject." — Michael Asimow, co-author of Reel Justice: The Courtroom Goes to the Movies

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