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Deception and Deterrence

Deception and Deterrence

Deception and Deterrence

in "Wars of National Liberation," State-Sponsored Terrorism, and Other Forms of Secret Warfare

by John Norton Moore

1997 $40.00 272 pp hardback

Tags: Government/National Security Law, Political Science

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This book brings together contributions from fifteen distinguished experts examining various phases of “secret warfare.” The development of nuclear weapons and the accompanying risk of escalation to global holocaust led to the development of various forms of “secret warfare” as an alternative to traditional armed international aggression. Externally supported “wars of national liberation,” such as the conflicts in Indochina and El Salvador, were perhaps the best known and most successful of these new forms of conflict; and although widely separated geographically and involving groups of different cultures, such struggles usually had a variety of common elements. Moore enhances the book with the inclusion of chapters by political scientists like Guenter Lewy and Uri Ra'anan, and by military strategists like General Gordon Sumner, Jr. and Col. Harry Summers, Jr.

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