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Short Staple Yarn Spinner's Handbook
Short Staple Yarn Spinner's Handbook

Short Staple Yarn Spinner's Handbook

$40.00 172 pp spiral bound

Tags: Textiles

There are numerous routine mathematical calculations associated with the setup, adjustment, and changeover of textile manufacturing equipment. These calculations deal with both the processes and the products fed into and delivered from those various processes. Because publications assisting in this area have not been updated recently, Short Staple Yarn Spinner's Handbook is designed to inform the reader of changes in the industry.

This handbook focuses on calculations that pertain to the processing of short staple fibers and the resulting yarns. Instruction, explanation, example calculations, practice problems, and complete problem solutions are presented, making this handbook a user-friendly teaching tool and reference.

In response to industry input, authors McCreight, Brayshaw, Backe, and Hill have included other subjects of daily interest to the yarn spinner. Quality assurance sampling and testing plans are presented for each step in the manufacture of short staple yarns. Additionally, Short Staple Yarn Spinner's Handbook offers general but thorough introductions on statistical calculations, methods, and process control techniques used in the textile industry.

This handbook is a must for industry production and technical associates and is intended as a value-added supplement to the textbook, Short Staple Yarn Manufacturing, which is already widely used in the industry and in colleges and vocational schools.

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