The Concepts and Methods of Sales, Leases, and Licenses

by Michael L. Rustad

Tags: Business/Finance Law, Lawyering Skills/Study Aids

628 pp $55.00

ISBN 978-0-89089-904-5

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The Concepts and Methods of Sales, Leases, and Licenses is a new kind of learning tool for mastering the terrible Two's — Article 2, 2A, and 2B. Comparisons are drawn between Article 2 (sales) and other bodies of law including Article 2A (leases) and Proposed Article 2B (licenses) of the Uniform Commercial Code. Interesting cases, engaging problems, and humorous anecdotes are used to illustrate and remember key concepts and methods.

Rustad examines the elemental building blocks — the concepts and methods of sales, licenses, and leases. Each chapter features interesting and fun practice problems that feature Code concepts and methods, providing and opportunity for students to test their mastery of the concepts and methods. Model answers and explanations are provided to each practice problem. The final chapter presents examples and explanations of how the concepts and methods of the Code can be used to master multiple choice and essay examinations for law school courses or the bar examination.

This book provides conceptual overviews, methodologies for analysis, and focused problems and exercises to help law students through difficult commercial law assignments.

"I tell my students that I cannot make the difficult easy, but I'll try to make the difficult comprehensible. Professor Rustad has done just that in his textbook." — Bimonthly Review of Law Books, Nov/Dec 1999

"Rustad's Concepts and Methods is another exceptional example of Carolina Academic Press's new genre of accessible student editions to complex subjects." — Bimonthly Review of Law Books, March/April 2001