Contemporary Interdisciplinary Interventions: For Children with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders cover

Contemporary Interdisciplinary Interventions

For Children with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

by Benjamin L. Brooks, David A. Sabatino

Tags: Classroom Management, Education

780 pp  $65.00

ISBN 978-0-89089-930-4

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This book provides an interdisciplinary review of specific diagnostic groups of children and the treatment interventions that are most applicable for theem. Unlike other books, Contemporary Interdisciplinary Interventions differentiates among diagnostic categories of emotionally and behaviorally disordered children, offering different approaches to different problems. Brooks and Sabatino explore the basic approaches as well as more novel techniques used by special educators, social workers, abuse counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists.

The same child or family is often seen by different professionals in different environments, leading to different treatment goals and uncoordinated services. This book provides materials to facilitate interdisciplinary communications between readers of various training backgrounds. It is intended to provide a panoramic view of intervention to readers who may be oriented towards one particular point of view in the treatment process.