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Writing Contracts

Writing Contracts View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Writing Contracts: A Distinct Discipline

Writing Contracts

A Distinct Discipline

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Tags: Contracts, Lawyering Skills/Study Aids, Legal Writing

Writing Contracts is designed to help train law students or young attorneys to write a well-crafted, tight agreement. Siviglia adjusts the draftsman's perspective to focus on the objective common to all agreements: accuracy expressed as simply as possible. He then presents the techniques required to achieve this result, even dealing with the ethics involved in drafting agreements. The treatments are rich with examples, so the reader is never consigned to a limbo of abstraction. The writing is lively, and the text is short to avoid overloading the reader with irrelevent detail.

“Siviglia teaches contract writing as it must be learned: from understanding the deal through techniques in drafting a proper agreement, even to ethical considerations. We have found no other text like his, and we use his materials in our lawyer-training programs throughout the world.” — John Rapp, Baker & McKenzie
“Great book! Beautifully written - accurate and as simple as possible. I will urge my first-year students to read and treasure it.” — Professor Gary Neustadter, Santa Clara University

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