Constitutional Issues in Correctional Administration

by Chadwick L. Shook, Robert T. Sigler

Tags: Constitutional Law, Constitutional Law, Corrections, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-0-89089-936-6

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Constitutional Issues in Correctional Administration reviews both current and controlling decisions and provides historical context for litigation involving correctional institutions. Shook and Sigler place each issue in a historical context, acknowledging the social and legal pressures influencing correctional administrators. The book also traces the history of the decisions and changes in philosophy and standards from the first identifiable litigation to the most recent decisions offered by appellate courts that affect the interpretation and application of rulings. The book presents the decisions' impact and implications for managers as well. The coverage of issues related to corrections is comprehensive and current through February 2000.

Constitutional Issues in Correctional Administration will be useful to both scholars and practitioners who have an interest in the management of correctional institutions. Chapters focus on the evolution of prisoners' rights; access to the courts, libraries, and legal assistance; the Prison Litigation Reform Act; the Religious Freedom Restoration Act; sentencing reform; privatization; standards of medical care; discipline and inmate control; and the notification and continued confinement of sexual offenders. The final chapter discusses the nature of anticipated litigation.