Practicing Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Law as a Helping Profession

by Dennis P. Stolle, David B. Wexler, Bruce J. Winick

Tags: Psychology and Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-0-89089-941-0

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In recent years, the interdisciplinary perspective of therapeutic jurisprudence — which focuses on the law's impact on emotional life and psychological well-being — has increasingly moved from the academic world into the world of judging and law practice.

The psychological sensitivity and insights provided by the 'lens' of therapeutic jurisprudence have mixed with the pragmatic procedures of related perspectives — such as preventive law — to allow interested lawyers to truly 'practice' therapeutic jurisprudence.

Stolle, Wexler, and Winick designed this volume — covering civil and criminal contexts and courtroom and law office settings — for practicing lawyers as well as for use in clinical courses, in legal counseling courses, and in courses on 'new directions' in lawyering. It will be of value and interest to those engaged in preventive law, collaborative law, restorative justice, holistic lawyering, mediation and alternative dispute resolution, and indeed to all who seek to humanize the law and its practice — and to enrich the lives of lawyers. With this volume, law can take its rightful place as a legitimate member of the helping professions.

"[This book] is a wonderful tool for lawyers in criminal or civil practice, litigation, and in all fields of law including dispute resolution." — Carolyn E. Hansen, New York Law Journal
"This collection of articles includes the theoretical basis of TJ, but most importantly, it shows how TJ can be used in a variety of settings and practice areas." — Richard L. Halpert, American Bar Association