Nonwoven Textiles

by Larry Wadsworth, Oldrich Jirsak

Tags: Textiles

143 pp $39.95

ISBN 978-0-89089-987-8

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Developed by Wadsworth from lecture notes after teaching thousands of textile students, this volume offers a comprehsenive text for teaching an introductory course in nonwoven textiles to third and fourth year college students majoring in textile technology.

Nonwoven Textiles presents an introduction to the characteristics of polymers, fibers and binders and the fundamentals of raw materials and web forming, bonding and finishing processes, without overwhelming the reader with detail. This text should prove useful to textile students who wish to merely become acquainted with the basics of nonwovens, as well as those pursuing a major concentration in nonwoven technology and engineering. Nonwoven textiles can also educate and serve as a reference for professionals trained in other textile disiciplines who have shifted their emphasis to nonwovens. This text should be useful to managers, buyers, customs agents, and others who encounter nonwoven terminology, processes, equipment and products in their profession.