Law in a Therapeutic Key: Developments in Therapeutic Jurisprudence cover

Law in a Therapeutic Key

Developments in Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Edited by: David B. Wexler, Bruce J. Winick

Tags: Psychology and Law

1034 pp  $65.00

ISBN 978-0-89089-988-5

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Law in a Therapeutic Key is an anthology of works written by authors from a variety of backgrounds. This book illustrates some of the best and most provocative new therapeutic jurisprudence work in fields ranging from mental health law to correctional law, criminal law, family and juvenile law, evidence law, labor arbitration law, and many more.

"[A] rich compendium of the best of what David Wexler and Bruce Winick have wrought… a mature and reflective work, and the most comprehenisve treatment of the therapeutic paradigm to date." — John Monahan, University of Virginia

"The crucial insight embedded in these essays is that all law, ranging from contracts to criminal law, can promote or retard the psychological well-being of persons who become involved with the legal system. Unless we acknowledge these therapeutic considerations in the law-making process, we risk fostering individual—and therefore societal—dysfunction." — Paul Appelbaum, University of Massachusetts Medical Center