The Question Presented

Model Appellate Briefs

by Maria Ciampi, William Manz

Tags: Appellate Advocacy, Legal Writing

Table of Contents (PDF)


ISBN 978-1-42241-553-5
eISBN 978-0-32718-019-7

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Designed for use in Appellate Advocacy and Legal Writing courses, The Question Presented offers both instruction on successful brief writing and examples of outstanding briefs. In The Question Presented, the authors not only provide guidance on writing techniques, they present actual briefs chosen by judges for their persuasive force. Notes from the authors highlight the best points, and each set of briefs is followed by the opinion of the court, demonstrating in a concrete way the impact made by the persuasive tools employed in the briefs. This book opens with The Art and Science of Appellate Advocacy, where the authors explain how to utilize every part of the brief as a persuasive tool, providing valuable guidance on how to state the issues presented, how to organize arguments, and how to make even the section headings work for their clients.