The Trial Process

Law, Tactics, and Ethics

Fourth Edition

by J. Alexander Tanford

Tags: Trial Advocacy

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This book introduces students to the essential skills and bodies of knowledge required for competent representation of clients, including highly practical issues such as courtroom etiquette, the psychology of jury trials, ethical considerations, and trial tactics within a legal and procedural framework. Sample transcripts appear throughout the book to directly illustrate how to conduct various stages of a trial, such as voir dire, opening and closing statements, and direct and cross-examination.

The accompanying documentary supplement for this book, Trial Practice Problems and Case Files, may also be used with any trial advocacy textbook that emphasizes skills and tactics. Part One of Trial Practice Problems and Case Files contains a basic series of problems derived from the case files contained in Part Two. Part Two has complete, self-contained case files for four criminal cases and three civil cases. When used for full trials, each case is designed to be evenly balanced so that both sides have realistic chances for favorable verdicts. The case files also provide an excellent basis for developing individual problems and exercises.

A Teacher's Manual is available to professors.

Supplementary Materials

Trial Practice Problems and Case Files cover

Trial Practice Problems and Case Files, Fourth Edition

by J. Alexander Tanford

2010, 538 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-42247-553-9


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