Legal Writing

Ethical and Professional Considerations

Second Edition

by Melissa H. Weresh

Tags: Legal Writing

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-42247-305-4
eISBN 978-0-32717-868-2

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This book is designed to supplement a Legal Writing course, Ethics course, or Clinical course. The Second Edition of Legal Writing: Ethical and Professional Considerations tracks the types of documents typically produced in a first-year legal writing course. The book identifies ethical rules and professional concerns which pertain to the particular type of document and introduces cases illustrating how the rules should influence lawyers' behavior when preparing and submitting documents. It also contains notes designed to reinforce students' understanding of how the rules should impact them as they communicate professionally in writing. Contents include:

Chapter 1: Attorney Regulation: Sources of Ethical and Professional Considerations

Chapter 2: Engaging the Client?Conflicts

Chapter 3: E-Mail Communications

Chapter 4: Predictive Memoranda

Chapter 5: Client Letters

Chapter 6: Demand Letters

Chapter 7: Complaints

Chapter 8: Appellate Briefs

Chapter 9: Drafted Documents

The Teacher's Manual for the Second Edition includes a variety of materials, including PowerPoint slides with teaching notes, quizzes, exercises, and instructional material to guide classroom discussions.

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