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Comparative Law

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Comparative Law: Historical Development of the Civil Law Tradition in Europe, Latin America, and East Asia

Comparative Law

Historical Development of the Civil Law Tradition in Europe, Latin America, and East Asia

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Comparative Law is intended for use in law schools and history and political science departments with introductory courses in comparative law or civil law systems, as well as in European or world legal history. The historical perspective of Comparative Law introduces students to the family of legal systems common to Europe, Latin America, and East Asia. The book also introduces the discipline of comparative law, its scope, origins, objectives, and methods, while discussing the contemporary example of nation building (or law and development) and its limitations.

Comparative Law is distinguishable from other comparative law books by its relative de-emphasis of rules and related doctrine. It also has greater attention to the intellectual history, structure, professional actors, and processes that are characteristic of civil law systems.

The companion volume, The Contemporary Civil Law Tradition: Europe, Latin America, and East Asia, will present current trends in civil law countries and representative variations within national legal systems.

This book also is available in a three-hole punched, alternative loose-leaf version printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper with wider margins and with the same pagination as the hardbound book.

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