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Business Reorganizations

Business Reorganizations, Third Edition View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Business Reorganizations, Third Edition

Business Reorganizations

Third Edition

$202.00 1106 pp casebound

Tags: Bankruptcy, Business/Finance Law

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Completely reworked and updated, the third edition of Business Reorganizations is uniquely designed to make learning the Chapter 11 process an engaging, challenging and fun experience. The book is organized into ten chapters, each concentrating on a different phase of the attempt to rescue the fictional, financially beleaguered Amphydynamics Corporation and its related companies.

This storyline runs the length of the book, and gradually unfolds in many problems and notes within each chapter. The problems direct reading of the opinions and other materials by placing issues in context. They help students to understand the commercial transactions and business environment that form the backdrop against which the Chapter 11 drama is played out. They introduce an ensemble of characters possessing conflicting and shifting loyalties, interests, and attitudes, and who reveal the human dimension of the Chapter 11 process. The problems also focus attention, heighten interest, and bare some ethical dilemmas by inviting students to role-play — to think like clients as well as lawyers — and to negotiate, advise, and strategize.

Business Reorganizations provides professors with the flexibility to pick and choose materials they feel deserve emphasis in their individual courses. Purposely comprehensive and encyclopedic, this book is designed both as a tool for law school and as a resource for practice. Extensive textual notes following the cases provide the reader additional explanation and expansion of the themes expressed in the cases, are comprehensive enough to serve as mini-treatise; so giving the book an extended shelf life. A sample disclosure statement, plan of reorganization, and ballot, may be downloaded for class use.

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