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Judicial Clerkships

Judicial Clerkships View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Judicial Clerkships: Legal Methods in Motion

Judicial Clerkships

Legal Methods in Motion

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Tags: Clinical/Externships, Courts

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Judicial Clerkships: Legal Methods in Motion can be the main text for any type of "clerking" course, and also serves as a desk reference for judicial clerks and interns.

Judicial Clerkships: Legal Methods in Motion teaches a combination of analytical and practical skills. With its three-part focus, the book:

1. Provides an introduction to clerking in both the trial and appellate courts;

2. Explores clerking for an appellate court, including lessons in thinking and writing for these courts; and

3. Offers a complete complete discussion of the analytical and drafting skills necessary for trial court judicial clerks.

Judicial Clerkships: Legal Methods in Motion also is unique in that it:

  • Instructs students in drafting appellate opinions, both majority and minority, as well as trial court orders, judgments, and findings of fact and conclusions of law.
  • Helps students to examine fundamental concepts like scope of review, stare decisis, and the spectrum of law and fact. It provides the depth necessary for working with these concepts in a clerkship or internship;
  • Provides lessons and exercises in "clerking" or editing draft opinions; and
  • Offers concrete writing tips, based on actual appellate court opinions and trial court orders.

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